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what exactly is this b2 band? is it accessable thru the trans pan? or would it require to take the trans out of the car

I noticed that the dip stick showed I had 2x as much trans fluid then needed!!!@!# I dont know what had done this.. cause I just had changed my filter , seal and trans fluid 2 weeks ago.. after my trans would not shift out of 2nd or 3rd gear.. after I replaced those items the trans worked great up untill now!

after taking off the trans fluid pand and filter.. I kind of noticed metal flakes ontop of the filter.. not alot tho.. just enough to catch my attention..

btw.. after leaving the trans filter, pan and fluid drained I tired to start the car.. just to see if the any more fluid would squire out.. ( I duno what im doing, sorry if this was dumb) anyways.. it didnt wnt to start..

also.. after I worm up the motor.. the RPMS decrease to 500 or so RPM.. and usually when u put it into gear.. it will raise to 1k.. then down to 500 rpm again after it catches gear..

putting it into drive.. the rpms will raise to 1200rpm.. then I shift to reverse then they go down to 500, which was normal before..

the trans fluid after draining it.. looked really clean and red! cept for some left over black which was prolly left over fluid from teh last time I changed it..

any more info would really help.. I am just tryin to trouble shoot.. and mess around with things hoping to get it working again.. before I end up taking it to a shop..where they say it will need to be rebuilt.. so i can give them all my money..
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