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My Mityvac 8.8 broke. I think mine was labeled with the brand name 'Tempo', but it is the same device.

Fell only about 2 feet onto pavement while in its box off the back of my boat. Cracked wide open near base. Obviously my fault for dropping it, but I was surprised it was so fragile.
I was mostly happy with it up until that point. The pumping mechanism was very powerful and efficient. The 3 tube sizes came in handy, but were cumbersome to store and transport. Clear canister was nice for seeing where you were at.
I was a little disappointed with the container, in that it could not be capped (just an open spout). Transporting it with residual waste oil in there could get very messy, and its tall profile made it prone to tipping. Design is such that opening it up for cleaning would have been a big challenge. I just put it in a big plastic bag, but it was always a big mess pulling it out again. Oily tube assembly needed its own messy bag.

No plug in my boat, so I bought a Topsider last week.
The vacuum mechanism is not nearly as good.
Vacuum is on the pull instead of the push, which makes for harder work. Needs to be held down with your 3rd hand while you pull. Short stroke. Tedious operation. Got quite a workout sucking just 5 quarts.
Only has 1 tube size. Cheapos did not include a can spout for pouring, though it takes a standard off-the-shelf spout. Seals tight- much neater to transport and store, and will not tip over.

Hey, and the metal can is not going to shatter...
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