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`76-240d electrical

I have a `76-240d, standard trans. . My problem is that when I step on The brake pedal, I lose all the elecrtical. (the gen. light and brake light go out) The same also happens when I turn on the headlights and sometimes when i jiggle the cigarette lighter!(the longer i hold the pedal down the longer the lights stay off after I release the pedal)If I can get the lights to remain on to heat the glow plugs, it goes out again when I give the final pull for the starter. A couple days ago I was told I had no taillights. One other odd thing has happened lately is that only the right headlight came on and the heater motor was runnig. then the heater motor cut out and the left headlight came back on. Since then, no heater motor. Is there a way to fix this besides a ful jerry can and a pack of matches?
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