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As it was posted in my last thread


From all the threads I've read on my post, everyone doesn't have their car up and running to par yet. I believe several are still looking for more input and ideas to work them through the problems they are still having with their idle. I for one ordered several new connector ends to replace the remaining ones I didn't change out over a year ago, as well as a new lower suppressor cover as the old one broke as I loosened the distributor cap. No sense at this point to change out the cap until I recieve the lower housing that fits beneath it, so I'll wait till it arrives and do it all at once. As far as how it runs right now, it seems a lot smoother as I mentioned after cleaning the plugs and end connectors as well as cleaning the OVP and reinserting it. The idle isn't roughnow but has a miss in it when it idles and it seems somewhat sluggish when you step on the gas, but don't kick it down into the next lower gear. I still think the new cap and wire connector ends will pretty much solve my problems just by seeing the improvement I've gotten with what little I've done. Stay tuned though and I'll let you know for sure when I get the parts and get them installed.

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