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Originally posted by chaudo
How are they compared to conventional halogen bulbs (9004 in particular)? There has been a lot of talk that these performance bulbs are just plain hype. Are they in fact better in terms of illumination or the quality of the light that they emit? What is the technology that make them better? It's go to be more than simply coating the bulb with some blue tint?
what are you putting them in?

if it is for a w124 or w126 with d.o.t. lights, silverstars WILL NOT HELP. you need euros to see.

i have the silverstars in my '02 explorer. the 9006 low beams lasted about a year. the 9005 high beams are still working.

the light is a 'very white', not yellowish or ricer blue. also they are 60/70 watts, so that's a bit of a help.

blue light does scatter more quickly. SEE daniel stern's website.

a lot of the 'performance' bulbs you speak of are a lot of hype.

piaa makes me sick, the deceptive advertising and stupidly high pricing. you'll never see those in a car of mine.

if you are a 'technical' kind of person, go to the sylvania website, they ahave a bunch of info on it.

also go to the dan stern website.

did i mention go to the dan stern website?

he talks about the silverstars and performance bulbs a bit there.

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