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Originally posted by MikeTangas
If you have DOT light (ie: US lights) the fog bulb has a yellow cover that snaps over the assembly to give the yellow beam. Most of the Euro lights have a while fog light. Cadmium coated bulbs will also emit a yellow light, but Cad bulbs are getting harder to find.

When driving, you really won't notice the yellow so much, not like you see when looking at the lights.

Best upgrade you could do is to convert to Euro lights if you are equipped with DOT lights.

They make a MAJOR difference, so much infact that on the 560SEL, my low beams on the Euro lights are as bright as my DOT high beams were (from the driver's perspective) and I find I only have to go to high beams when well away from town.

i have h4 french-yellow glass baloon covers, i use these every winter and if i know i will be in a very foggy area.

they produce a lot less glare. they do take a bit of getting used to.

get yourself some euros. do a search. lots of info.

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