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Thank you for the reply. I am having a few problems and I was looking for a few owners with experience with the 190 2.6 to establish a direct link...thats all.

Little history.....just bought my 92 190E 2.6 about a month ago with 130,000 miles. All maintenance up to 85,000 was done at the dealership according to the records. It is in pristine condition and was WELL taken care of. I feel I got and excellent deal ($4900).

My problems are that the A/C works great but the climate control center will not change the air flow from dash to the floor or both. Although the A/C works the heater does not.

Cruise control does not work at all. Wont turn on.

Shimmys at 60 mph (have read threads and think I can fix this one by replacing the wheel bearings and the front brakes...along with getting the tires balanced.)

Have read that a lot of the systems are vacume you think the heater and climate control are vacume problems.
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