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What sensor needs replacing?

I have an 89 300CE w/ 192k miles. The problem I'm having is that when the car first starts it runs fine, but within a few minutes runs poorly (hesitates on acceleration/poor pick-up and draws near max vacuum) until it warms to proper operational temp. (just under 80 on the guage), at which point it runs fine again.

What should I replace to fix this problem? Is it something with a "cold-start" injector? a bad computer? or just a sensor?

The problem is not as much of a problem in summer (warmer temp.s outside = faster time to operational temp.), and I used to just "warm-up" the car last winter to avoid the symptoms, but I don't have that option anymore, I so would like to avoid this, now that the weather is turning colder.

Thanks to all, in advance, for your help.
krahe :~)
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