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Climate Control Part Numbers

I need to replace certain climate control parts on my 1997 MB E420.
The MB Dealer has said my Blower Motor Regulator is bad. The heating and Air Conditioning System works, but the fan speed usually will only operate on low, even if it is manually turned up higher. Theyv'e said certain parts are no longer available and require replacement of the blower motor, blower regulator, and cover/ bracket.

I took the blower assembly out from under the dash (passenger side feet compartment).

What I found is the following:
Grey Metal Blower Mounting Plate:
94.491.50.056 128 431 F.1/2

Black Wiring Harness w/ Heat Sink:
90.943.02.385 9 140 010 179 30 669

Blower Motor:
Bosch 0 130 111 043 DPD 12V 3351 670 (058)

11 023 >PA+PP-6F 35<

The VIN for the car is:

I am not sure where to find the "Blower Motor Regulator". I thought it plugged directly into the blower motor, but all I've found is the wiring harness that plugs into the motor. If this is found elsewhere, please advise.

Please let me know what are the corresponding part numbers.

Thank you,
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