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Unhappy Almost, but not quite

Today, my dad and I went over to the mechanic's shop to check on my car. The back seat was re-uphoustured, and the rear domelight assembly was straightened out and back up, I had air, but it only comes out of certain vents, and since it's cooling down here, I'll wait to have that repaired. Not to forget, the new brakes were on too, and I thought I was ready to hit the road again. But it needs to stay a little longer, probably until Monday night for a new rear gasket to be installed to stop the leaking, and the steering is still bad. What it does it there is too much play in it when driving, and there is play in it when I'm parked, sitting still, so it'll probably be in the shop a little bit longer. What causes this? I just want to know. I'm not a DIY guy like some of you other people are, cause I'll screw things up worse than they currently are. BTW- I saw a 1975 300D W115, with an aftermarket turbocharger on it. That's rare... I suspect. Well, I've gotta run.
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