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Hi Dr Diesel,
The car is a 1997, I found the cover as described in your post in front of the rear/ right wheel, though upon removing this I found nothing other than brake sensor leads.

I took ot the rear/right wheel well cover to expose a black plastic cartridge approximatley 12"tall x 6" wide x 2" thick. it has three rubber hoses coming out of it. Two of the hoses are clamped to metal pipes that go under the car towards the middle and appear to go towards the engine. The third hose terminates into a round cylinderical white plastic container marked "canister" with a directional flow arrow moulded on the side, it is manufactured as such that it allows you to open it to reveal a sponge, although this was dry and no apparrent smell of gas. This canister has an electrical lead going into it on top. I begin to wonder if the black cartridge contains the fuel pump and filters inside, not sure, just guessing.

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