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Question vibrations in a 115

this is my first posting. i have had no success solving a problem.
a few months ago i bought a '75 300d ,with a fresh 240 engine
(who would do such a thing? ) from a charity. it needed
a new transmission which i got at pick and pull and installed with-
out much trouble. the tranny is a "K or W", i forget which without
vacume assist. it seems to work fine, which means hard solid shifts (way better than a bmw auto ). the problem: when turning the wheel to the left there is a marked vibration in the
right front area. it happens under all turning and power conditions. it will happen when going uphill under power without turning the wheel. i have changed the driveshaft center bushing and bearing, the subframe bushings, the sway bar bushings, the right lower ball joint and right lower control arm bushings. the vibration continues. i dont feel the vibration though the tranny. the motor mounts were probably replaced with the engine. when
going straight and flat at any speed or turning to the right it runs
just fine. the body is straight
any ideas what could be wrong?

there are more bushings to replace and wheel bearing too! i am
mechanically dumb enough to replace everything.

thanks for any help, don
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