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My apologies...

I had read on engines stalling (in the DIY and previous posts), but when mine is warm (or cold for that matter) it doesn't stall, nor does it have the check engine light on. This is what I gleaned were the symptoms in the DIY you mentioned. I will go out and buy a Sears meter and try to do some readings, but my symptoms seem a bit different than what I've read.

Do I just want to throw parts at it? Well, if it was a simple fix that was a common problem, sure. lol. But, yes, I'd also like to know/understand what is going on.

To add clarification to the symptoms...
Car runs fine at all throttle positions when first started and when up to operational temp. (just under 80C). The problem comes in after a minute or two of running and the car hesitates while accelerating, has no problem at idle (at any time). While accelerating the car pulls good up to about 2.5-3k rpm then "bogs" (loses power/accelerates poorly) and gauge shows max. vacuum. If I back off the throttle a bit (to maybe 2/3 of where I happen to be) the engine will pull strong again, temporarily, then bog again. This leaves me "pumping" the throttle to accelerate at a decent/moderate rate. Again, once up to operational temp., the engine idles, accelerates, etc. fine.

Thanks for the input, I will get the meter. Any other thoughts though? Anyone?

Thanks in advance.
krahe :~)
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