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Unhappy '91 300E Hot Engine Restart and cold engine NOISY start

Two things:

In the morning, when I start my car, it starts up VERY noisily....with a rumbling, loud fluttering sound coming from the engine. Strangely, after about 1-2 minutes, it goes away as suddenly as it started, leaving the nice, quiet purr of the classic gasoline V-6 engine that 300E's are famous for. Does anyone have any idea what that sound is? It almost sounds as if the throttle is stuck in the open position until the engine warms up.

Then, the second problem is when the car is hot, after being driven around for a while and then turned off. When starting the car up again within a one hour window of being driven, the car takes two turns to start. The first cranking appears to start the car. The RPM revs up, so I let go of the starter. But instantly, after the car revs up, it dies. So, I have to crank the starter again, and this time without any delay, it starts right up. Any idea what this is?


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