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Hi! Today, I took off the air filter housing and used Lubro Moly Air Flow cleaner to clear up the idle control valve, air flow meter and an air pressure valve (beside the cold start valve). After that, I also find out the preious owner did not connect one air hose from engine to air filter housing. I put everything back and connected that hole back to air filter housing. I start the car and drive and 40 mins (city drive "stop and go")---- No stall and idle is around 850 in "P" or " N" first when engine cold. When shift into "R" or "D" becomes 800 (cold engine). After engine warmed up, the idel is about 800 in "P" or "N' and 750 in "D" or "R".

I hold that it will fix the stall problem.

One more time, I found that it has a connector plug from the main wire (beside the idle control valve). It doesn't connect anything. Anyone has an idea for??? Thanks
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