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C36 Coolant Leak

A few weeks ago, I drove my car with the AC running and the temp outside was close to 90F. During the 30 minute drive, I noticed the temperature rise above what is normal for my car. An led on my dash flashed for about a second and disappeared. When I got to my destination I checked for leaks under the car and could not find anything, but I smelled coolant in the engine bay. After about an hour, I checked my car again and found coolant underneath the car directly below where the water pump is. I added a little more coolant and then drove home with the AC off. My mechanic has not had a chance to look at my car, but since I drive it only on weekends, I've driven it several times after the coolant leak and no other problems have occurred.
Is this a sign that my water pump is ready to go out? Is it normal for leaks like this to happen and then suddenly disappear?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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