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W126 A/C Clutch Squeaking

1991 350 SDL with 148,000 miles

After replacing all the tensioning components (damper, idler/pulley, belt, except spring ... my third damper/shock in three years) I have a squeak that is engine rotation related - at idle with AC off, up to about 1200 RPM, it "squeak, squeak, squeak" until going away at about 1300-1400 RPM. When the AC is engaged (clutch engaged) the squeaking changes, but does not go completely away until 1300-1400 RPM.

Ideas? Sounds to me like the AC compressor clutch bearing ... likely brought about by increased tension after replacement of the tensioner components?

If this is accurate, my read on the AC compressor clutch is that it is a pain to remove ... gotta drain AC system, right? Clutch is original, and I have R12 saved for a rainy day ...

Better to buy reman compressor with clutch? Or, are they available this way?

Swap to 134 now?

Best solution? Advice?

George Stephenson
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