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I have a similiar but not exactly the same problem with my 88TE. At a cold start up (w/ no throttle) it fires right away but runs very rough for 3-4 seconds then smooths right out. On a hot start w/o touching the throttle it fires right up then dies. If I depress the throttle slightly it will fire and run no problem.

I have replaced the plugs (copper core bosch), Dist. Cap, wires, fuel filter & check valve. I am considering replacing all the injectors (original), but don't like just thowing parts at a problem without isolating it. Is there a way to check if an injector is leaking down? Should I be able to see this by examining the plugs prior to the first cold start of the day? Whenever I have replaced the plugs they have all looked very clean.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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