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I replaced the engine wiring harness and I am still having problems. I sure don't feel bad about replacing the harness because it was definitely BAD. The car runs better.

With the new harness in place, I got a code 6 from the main code flasher and code 2 again from pin 14. The cruise control still does not work at all. Any suggestions on things I can try or test before purchasing a throttle actuator?

JetForeman, do you have a picture of the bad wiring on your TA that you could post? That would really help me know where to cut into it and check the wiring.

Replacing the wiring harness was a piece of cake. This job should not intimidate anyone. I took lots of pictures and if someone wants to volunteer to help with the web page stuff, I will provide the pictures and writeup for a DYI article. Any takers? Any interest in the DIY article?

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