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Need help asap guys!

My 560's dash lights-I mean ALL of em went off as we came home from church yesterday.Luckily it was after we got off of the highway and about 3minutes from home. I found that my alternator belt (which was on its last leg anyway) had snapped. I have replaced it after wrestling with the tensioner to loosen the other belt (air conditioning) and noticed that my air pump's belt (also on its last leg and torn) was twisted so I purchased the belt for it also. I cut the rest of the belt off and cleaned the areas that had remants of my belt(s). Now the lights are off and okay but I was unable to budge the air pump to adjust it to put the belt on.

I've damn near unscrewed the bolt all the way but it still doesn't move and I'm not seeing another bolt. Is there an allen,etc that I just didn't see (it was dark by the time I finished and my other cars were in the garage plus I'd already jacked her up figuring it wouldn't take soooo long). Anyway, I drove her to work without the pump running because of the missing belt. Does this harm anything and how in the hell can I get the belt on???! Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

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