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Well, now would be the right time for me to purchase the Ferret, having just done the tune-up, but I cannot justify the expense for something I would use so infrequently. I have searched everywhere and cannot find the right setting, as Dave points out.

However, if anyone out there is interested in buying one and mailing it to me, I would be glad to return it with the calibration setting, based on my newly tuned (and well running) 617 motor.

Dave - the more I think of it, the more I like the idea of the 3 litre 6 cylinder diesel in the W126. Quieter, as you have pointed out than the five, all the benefits of the mid-run W126 enhancements, a little more power, and doesn't explode like the 3.5 litre. Plus, of course, hydraulic valves, obviating the 15k mile adjustment, but I assume you still have to pop the valve cover to determine chain stretch. What's the key test to determine if the engine has overheated - compression? And why is the six so prone to overheating?
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