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Hey Mike!

I noticed that little star deal you mentioned and wondered if they were two separate bolts (it was getting pretty late and dark) but dismissed it. On the other hand, I've basically pretty much destroyed (quite easily mind you) the star gear because it tured so and I was like "oh crap" when I got a flashlight under there to look around. Do I need to try to locate that even though it looks like that part (the clutch groove part) is almost a rivet like installation and don't know how I'd do it from what I recall.

Also I was almost sure that the grooved side of a belt rode the belt although I've seen 3 MB's with some up and some down because of the fit in the pulley grooves. Since mine was twisted, should the grooves be inward or outward. I ask because the way they came from the parts store has the grooves outward AND the writing on the belt is on the grooved side. Thanks for the help!

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