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Should've said "notched" sorry... Uhg don't ask what brand because of the emergency situation on a Sunday I had to go to Advance and I got something like (top dog or top guard or something-hell who knows) but planning on replacing them all with conti (that's what my two top belts have for the power steering). they look to be pretty good and all but I gotta go with the conti's or the like I was gonna go to fastlane and order em since I need shims for my pads I just replaced (I think my oem shims were thrown away by mistake and my baby sounds like a dying 50 ft tall pig when I stop!).

Do you have any recommendations? I've also got to replace my valve cover gasket because I'm getting a little bit of smoke from what looks to be some buning oil leaking over to the exhaust pipe area. It only does this when she's almost up to running temp 80 degrees and I can see (and smell) it coming from under the hood for about 30 seconds or so. Nothing major but gets on my nerves. I just changed the oil since I was under there last night and plan to tackle that this weekend. How's your baby doin?
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