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I recently went to an independent for regular maintenance.

I asked them to do everything listed under the maintenance.

The independent was nice. He replaced some things that is required at 30000 mile maintenance, though it was 15000 mile maintenence. He charged less than what he told me on the phone.

He said parking brake needed to be repaired and it would cost about $400, but I posponed the job.

However, I later found there is very noticeable imbalanced and uneven tire wear.
Inspecting tire is listed under the maintenence. However, the mechanic did not tell me anything about tire.

This may indicate that he did all the required replacements, but he did not do required inspection carefully.


This time, I was simply busy and went to dealer because dealer was located much closer.

This was not regular maintenance. Just to repair some things.

The dealer said he would not be able to give estimate without seeing the car. I left the car Friday morning, and now I got estimate. He said $800 for parking brake repair - double the price of the independent -.
I was surprised.

He also found things that I did not ask at all.
He said that front strut leaked, and that transmission fluid pan gasket leaked. He said these were physical leak that could be seen very easily.
He said the strut replacement would be $500.

I am not sure whether this is good or bad.
Should I be happy because the dealer found problem?
But I am not happy because I have to spend money.

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