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Identify this diode in the ABS relay ?

Can you help me identify what type of diode is in the ABS solenoid valve relay?

It is a "fat-barrel" type relay with the following markings:


The "B" could be an "8"
The "T" could be a "Y"

It looks like this from the Radio Shack catalog:

Rather than replace with a similar diode, I was thinking about installing one with a higher forward current (6-amps?) and a higher Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) of say 200-400 VDC, like those found here:

However, I'm unsure of the current diode's ratings, and whether or upgrading is smart move.

The "flickering ABS" light is what started it all and below is the resolution.

PS: what is a "fast" or "ultra-fast" recovery diode vs. a "tunnel" diode, and under what applications is each best suited for?

Thanks in advance,

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
1993 500E
I pulled the ABS solenoid valve relay (42-0710) (silver-colored "ice-cube" relay) and tested contacts 30 & 30C for a faulty diode.

Sure enough, bad diode, got a new relay for $33, and all is fine (MB pn# 001.542.6719).

I will try and open up the bad relay and install a new diode. . .

BTW: this relay is DIFFERENT than the other "ice-cube" silver relays which do NOT have a diode between contacts 30 & 30C.
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