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Cool Buying 83 euro 500SEL timing chain ,horse power

Well looks like i may be buying my first Mercedes. I would like to know if a euro 500SEL has the same h.p. as a California car.
there are 2 cats on the car but not sure what else would be changed to make it a u.s.a. car. I am talking performance wise.
The car has 200k miles on it with a new trany. Also wondering on the timing chain,single row? It was bought in germany and shipped back in 1985. If i read right, this is a second year car. Are there any weak spots to go after first.I work as a smog tech and mechanic so i understand most things pretty well. Also ac works very well. this car has power front windows and roll up rears. I have read most all treads ,but there is not much on 83 500sel.Does the U.S.A. 84 Mercedes have the same parts? THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT FORUM,which has been very informative. At 49 years old/young i look foward to driving a real car.
THANK YOU from Rich in San Diego,Ca.
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