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Windshields - What's available?

I went into the local MB dealer today to enquire about having my windshield replaced. I told him that I wanted only MB OE glass, preferably the same Sekurit brand that's on the car now. He told me that about all they can get now is PPG, which they used to warn their customers to stay away from. He did say that they ocassionally get other OEM brands, but that they can't request any particular brand from the warehouse, just the luck of the draw.

Can any of the techs here verify or dispute this and offer their opinion of PPG glass with the MB star on it based on what they've seen in their business.

And owners, what are your long-term experiences with PPG glass, with or without the MB star?

Has the MB PPG glass been available long enough to determine whether it's really up to MB standards?

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