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Thumbs up sticky slip plate....cure??

Hey...I have had a reoccuring problem recently with my 92 was stalling while driving and I had poor throttle response.

My cure for this was to remove the air cleaner...and inspect the thottle body and said "throttle plate". So what did I find???well the throttle plate had grime built up along the edges and the small hole in said plate was also looking pretty dirty...I cleaned them with..carb cleaner and fired it up wth no problems. This morning it was about 0 degrees celius(aka 32 degrees F) and it started fine and drove fine.

At idle, Rpms were steady at about 600 and did not change much when braking or in "stop and go" traffic on the highway. Throttle response also was better. Also my air filters were dirty and have to be replaced shorty. You can still see through them but not as clearly when new.

I hope some of this helps...
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