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Question ASR /limp home mode

Sab... Glad it's working for you. Good Luck! The replacement of the mass air flow sensor was one of the first attempts we made to correct the problem. Ran well for a while then problem came right back... ASR light coming on while at highway speed and car going into limp home mode. Putting it in neutral and starting puts everything back to normal... until the next time. Same for replacing wiring harness. It usually seems to happen while going at least 50 mph and it can be scary on an interstate. Last time it threw off a code and now we're replacing the starter lockout and reversing lamp switch, We shall see. Regardless, from all the threads I've read, it seems that there is no one particular cause or cure and that there may well be multiple causes and, therefore, solutions. I think it's a matter of trial and eror, albeit, a very expensive trial! I'll post again after we've logged a number of miles with this latest "fix'.

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