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dash lights 1,2 & 4 are out on w124

I have this weird problem- on my 88 300CE, only three months old, only dash lights 1 (02 sensor), 3 (SRS) & 4 (ABS) don't work, meaning none of them come on for that brief moment when I start the car or with key on, engine off. The bulbs are good-I swapped them from another working dash. No other electrical issues- the OVP fuse is OK, the O2 reading, key on, engine off, is good & all other lights work fine. Car also runs fine, except for small miss I can live with & possible tranny shifting issues which I don't think relate to the dash lights. I'm particularly concerned I don't know if the ABS & SRS systems are working. Any & all thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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