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I just did this on the weekend on my 84 190D. I'll tell you what I did, but the parts / procedure may be slightly different on your car.

I had a bit of trouble removing the old bushings. In my case, I got a bunch of pieces out that didn't resemble the new bushings I had, and I almost gave up, thinking I bought the wrong replacement parts! It turned out that the bushing had just come apart.

I'll assume you've removed the heat shield and the bolt that goes through the bushings (mine was 22mm).

Here's what worked for me: Get under the car, and hold a hammer almost vertically (with the head up, handle down). Slide the claw side of the hammer down the tube that holds the bushings, so that the claw impacts the flange that sticks out from the bottom bushing. Do this really hard, about 50 times. Use as much force as you can. The force should almost lift you off of the ground when you contact the bushing. Eventually, the bottom bushing will come out. With this technique, the tube helps guide the claw of the hammer as you are applying force, so it's easy to bash the tiny flange on the bushing really hard and reasonably accurately.

Once the bottom bushing is out, stick something (a large bolt, piece of wood, etc) up in the tube so that it contacts the bottom side of the top bushing, and bash on that with the hammer to push the top bushing out from below.

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