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whirring sound follow up from 9/30/03

As a follow up to the whirring sound my 97 C280 was making on 9/30/03 post: After replacing the right front wheel bearing with no change in the whirring sound, I broke down and took my car to Haffkemeyer motors here in Kansas City. It was discovered a piece of insulation had broken loose from the bottom of my car and was rubbing on the flex disc closest to the tranny. I still don't know why it made a more distinct noise when turning the wheel to the left. Anyway, the noise has gone away, and I am happy again. If any of you fellow Benz drivers need a good place to take your car in K.C. I highly recommend Haffkemeyer Motors. They put my car on the lift, diagnosed the problem and were not going to charge me anything. I slipped the mechanic a twenty for his time and was back on the road in 15 minutes. Happy motoring!
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