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What are you trying to accomplish? Mercedes brakes are very well engineered. I've run my 190E 2.6 on road racing courses with Repro Deluxe pads (definitely not the first choice for roadracing, but excellent on the street - no dust or squeal and easy on the rotors) and the brake performance was satisfactory - not great, but okay. If I was serious about more road racing I would definitely select a more suitable pad, but the Merc is retired from track events.

All 190 models have plenty of brake capacity for most any kind of service. Even the non-vented front rotors on your 190D are perfectly adequate for the cars performance potential. The only necessary tuning issue is to select suitable pads for your type of use. Bigger brakes are also heavier, and you have to understand some basic hydraulics and vehicle dynamics to get the bias in the ballpark. Blindly swapping brakes from another model is just asking for trouble.

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