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For some reason MB found that dieseldrivers weren't going to go fast - and to some extent they were correct, since I'm not playing in the above 150km/h league very often.. But, this doesn't mean that I don't use my brakes heavily - They tend to fade just a wee bit too often for my taste, which is the original reason why I want to upgrade to ventilated brakes.

The reason for me asking about these brakes in particular is because my friend just happened to have them for sale right now - they have near new pads and discs and he's offering them to me at a decent price.

I have now got the brakes so that I can test-fit them - a quick investigation of them indicates that they should fit, but nothing can be said before I actually try.

My questions were simply whether anyone knew if they would fit, and if not what I would have to do to make them fit...

Thanks for your responses though!
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