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I will drive out to Colorado this weekend..

...I will drive out to Colorado from New Jersey this weekend..with all my tools, going in only 1, 2 and 4th gear.on the way
(I have trouble with 3 rd Gear)

I should be there Sunday morning at 2 am.

I may have trouble without 3 rd when I hit the mountains--- I will get 2 hours sleep,change out trasnmissions, put the thing in by flashlight, and drive back to NJ from Colorado by Columbus Day 11 pm if everything is okay-

-could you please give me directions to your house? I will bring a jack, jackstands and all metrics, ATF, work lamps, plenty of coffee. I will be leaving tomorrow at 6 am...

See you Sunday morning at 2 am, dont bother waking up, please leave the porch light on, i will leave the cash in your mailbox, how much do you want? PS i will bring plenty of degreaser with me and clean the driveway when i am done....
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