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Remove air cleaner.
Model 210: remove cover over intake manifold.
Detach crankcase ventilation lines (4) and (5).
Engine 119.960: detach vacuum line at crankcase ventilation line (4).
Engine 119.960/97:unbolt engine wiring harness (19) at right cylinder head cover (6a).
Unbolt vacuum line (16) of brake servo unit at intake manifold.
Unclip, then remove covers (1) and (1a) over high voltage distributors.
Open fuel filler cap and release pressure.
Engine 119.960: disconnect fuel lines at pressure regulator and fuel distributor.
Engine 119.97/98: disconnect fuel pipes (17) and (18) at fuel rail. Use box wrench 000 589 68 03 00.
Take off shaft covers (14) and (14a) over spark plug cables and ignition coils.
Engine 119.96/97: unplug spark plug connectors.
Engine 119.98: unscrew and remove ignition coils,
Engine 119.985 in Model 210: unbolt windscreen washer fluid reservoir. Swing to the side with lines connected so that left cylinder head cover can be removed and installed.
Remove bolts of cylinder head covers with seals (10). Pay attention to different lengths of bolts (see bolt diagram).
Take off cylinder head covers (6) and (6a) with gaskets (7) and (7a) and shaft seals (8).
Reverse Procedure to install, noting the following:

Replace all gaskets together, ensure crankcase ventilation syphon at left cylinder head cover is correctly located in the drain hole.
Model 210: ensure the fuel pipes are correctly routed; fuel pipes must not be touching cylinder head cover and engine cover.
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