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Smog help needed for '86 300E

On Oct 1, 2003 N. CA implemented smog testing on the dyno. Seems I'm one of the 'unlucky' first ones whose car wont pass the new requirements. The system is so new that none of the three smog mechanics I've talked to knows what to adjust/replace to make my car pass. I'm hoping someone here has an idea.

CO2 is 13.7
HC is high
CO is high
NO are low

My mech's say the cat's appear OK based on the CO2. They've also indicated that the HC and CO are inversly related and reducing one will typcally increase the other. The car is very clean, HC and CO wise, on a non-dyno smog machine. I'm changing the oil and rolling in a new set of plugs in hopes a razor state of tune will let me pass the loaded (dyno) test. Any other suggestions to reduce both HC and CO under load?

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