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I agree with the comments on the W202 chassis.

I've driven in several, and they feel as solid as a bank vault. Classic Mercedes ride quality.

My mom had a 1995 C220, and put 150,000 nearly trouble-free miles on it. The only repair she had to make was a faulty idle control valve, or something similar.

I have been a passenger in the newer C class - a C240 with the 6 speed manual - Larry Bible's car, in fact, and I am sorry to report that it no longer feels like a Mercedes.

Larry slammed the door shut, and it sounded tinny and hollow, and rattled. The ride quality is more similar to a Honda Civic or Infiniti G20 than a Mercedes.

My 10 year old 1993 "E320" is still rattle free after 148,000 miles.
Paul S.

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