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Anyone done a Head Gasket - (3.0 124) ??

Has anyone done, or can anyone give me a rundown / opinions on Headgasket replacement on my 89 300 CE?.

I've built several ("domestic v-8's") in the past and have had quite a few blown head gaskets (on my track car) that I've done but don't have a lot of experience on the MB engines.

I've been getting a few droplets of oil in my coolant tank which has gotten a bit worse in the last few months. I understand that there is an updated head gasket. (this car has 164K "pretty flawless miles") with regular maintainence and timing chain being the only real "porblems".

I only drive the car in the Summer months and we've got a great local shop that I'm sure would do a fine job but I'm just wondering that since I take it off the road for the Winter months anyway, should I consider taking on the job myself or if I should just have it done??

The $$$ to have it done really is'nt a concern if I have it done by the shop. The concern I have is: If I do it myself and do something "wrong" and then have to have it done all over again.

Any opinions / horror stories to help me decide would be appreceiated.
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