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The front nuts aren't adjusted to torque, they're adjusted to proper axial play. The procedure is as follows:

- Tighten nut until hub can only be turned with difficulty.
- Back off nut until loose.
- Tighten nut until you get axial bearing play between 0.01 and 0.02 mm.
- Tighten bolt on nut to 8 Nm and recheck bearing play.

If you don't have a dial gauge and want to chance it, a lot of people just tighten the nut finger tight on the third step.

Best fluid for the transmission?... probably synthetic, though Dexron III is specified for the car and should work okay.

Best fluid for the rear axle?... again synthetic, but any good brand name hypoid gear oil should work, as long as it meets MB's specification of 85W-90 or 90W.

DOT 4 brake fluid is specified for your car.

Caliper bolts are torqued to 115 Nm.
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