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Here are the results of the 560's enhanced test, taken (and passed) just last week, 15 and 25 MPH loaded dyno with 185,500 on the clock.

rpm 1449
CO2 14.5%
O2 0.1%
HC 82ppm (114)
CO .14% (.74%)
NO 68ppm (1049)

25 mph:
rpm 1404
CO2 14.6%
O2 0.0%
HC 31ppm (89)
CO .03% (.54%)
NO 95ppm (879)

What I did prior to the test was change the oil the previous day. Morning of the test I drove for about an hour, about 30 minutes of that on the interstate. I left the car running while waiting my turn, figuring that would keep the cats at least warm rather than allowing them to cool for an hour. The tests were run with the AC off.

You might just want to order a new gas cap from FastLane, because the last step in the test, should you pass the smog portion, is the gas cap test. They attach the cap to a filler neck and draw a vacuum. If it doesn't hold sufficient vacuum you fail.

I notice my max values are slightly different from those already posted. Not sure if that is due to being a different engine size or locale, but they are fairly close.

EDIT: I just noticed I have two values for CO in each test. I think I forgot a "2", as in CO2 , somewhere in there. Will have to recheck the printout when I get home. 2nd edit: CO2 is properly notated.
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