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DIY - Coil spring removal & install

Well I tried doimg a search and I came up on a little info but it was unclear. It appears that I will be receiving some Vogtland drop springs soon (1.6") and I was hoping to save the shop labor $ and do it myself. I'm a shadetree mechanic with a pretty good selection of tools and stuff but am no expert... especially with german cars.

Anyways Can anyone tell me if it's an easy enough task to perform myself or should I save myself the trouble and take it in to a shop? I guess my main concern is spring compression and stuff. I will have to put my car up on the stands on my next day off so I can see what parts of the suspension to take loose. Honestly I haven't inspected my suspension much so I don't know what all is involved and what needs to be undone.

Tips/suggestions? Thanks!
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