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O.K. guys for those of you who want to know how i went with all the advice,

TCG was the saviour, i picked his recomended fix to do first, because being a lazy beer swilling Australian i`ll always try the easier way first and leave the hard stuff for latter.

Yep the removal of the Klima Control Box, (by the way it should`nt be called a relay, because the small relay that`s inside it is only 10% of what it`s made up of the rest is all complicated circuitry with intergrated circuits and what not) anyhow i resoldered all the main contact pins then resoldered all the components on the circuit board, and now the air con WORKS!!!!! 100% perfect, yep it`s great when you`ve been lazy and gone the simple fix first and it was the answer to the problem.
Thanks to all who helped with their advice.
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