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Arrow transmission.....urgent!

I did a search and came up with a few things, but this is really important, so I'd like to give my car's symptoms outright and see what everyone thinks. I changed the fluid/filter only a few weeks ago, and after I changed it, it shifted perfect, much better than before the fluid/filter change. I inspected the pan, and saw no grit or shavings or anything of that kind. So I thought I was good to go.

Well in the last few days, it's been acting up to say the least. It won't upshift right, will only upshift with higher if I'm cruising a parking lot, it'll hold it in a lower gear. The shifting is just overall pretty eratic (all gears). As far as flaring....I've never been in a car where it was said to be flaring, but I'm pretty sure it is. When I want to accelerate it jerks really hard and seems to hit high RPMs, but then "settles down." So perhaps this sounds like flaring. So is this simply the end of my transmission or is this something that can be fixed?

Here is the bigger problem: I'm 7 hours from home. Am I gonna make it back? Or should I be concerned about going back??
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