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European vs. USA air conditioner

Hi again friends. I will like to solve a puzzle about the blowing outlets of a 126134 USA version climate control. In the ALLDATA CD there is a table that describe the automatic functions of the different flaps to control the inside car temperature. When temperature sensor is in cold, the center air flap is open. While during heat it closes. In my car the center air flow is always open. There is no door to close it automatically. There is a door that closes the outlet manually. Why is this big volume of air through the center duct is not controlled automatically? What is the function of the small center door behind the heat exchanger? Is there an additional flap that I am missing? In my case if the center door (behind the heater) opens, it will make the air flow through the heaterr and then up to the center outlet. That means not the coldest air coming out, opposite to what the CD states.

I've heard of differences between the European and USA version. Is there an additional door or flap for the center duct in the USA version? Please rply if you have some information regarding this issue.

P.S. All the vaccum elements are new, tested, and there is a vaccum of 22 inches of mercury in the system.
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