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Thanks Again. 1 Important Final Question

Thanks again for the tips. I'm actually just sitting here now reading the shop manual.

I Also have one additional question. SInce I only drive the car from about May till about August or so, (mainly on weekends) I try to go over it pretty well before the Winter. As I mentioned, since about last year, I started to notice the Oil droplets and did a search on the board and read it was a pretty common occurence.

I noticed about 2 weeks ago that my coolant bottle had gone down a bit. (it had done this last year as well. ) I topped it off and just happend to notice today that it is also down again. Upon closer inspection, I can see a leak dripping off of the oil pan that originates from under the water pump. I'm sure the pump is original. It appears that it's leaking from the pump gasket "area"

It does'nt appear so from the shop manual but is there a possibility for a "coolant -to- oil" leak from the water pump or it's gaskets??

I'm looking at an exploded view of the water pump assembly and I'm just curious before I start the Head gasket.

Thanks again for all of the great info.
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