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PS fluid/hydraulic fluid

Car in questio is a 98 S500. The car does have auto leveling but does not have ESP.

My poweer steering pump is leaking and the car is going in for service on Monday. In the mean time I wanted to add fluid to hold me over till Monday. However, I am getting conflicking info on whether my car takes regular PS fluid or hydraulic fluid. I suspect that it is hydraulic fluid b/c of the level ride. However, in the technical data section of the owners manual (where it shows the fluid capacities) it shows PS fluid and Hydraulic fluid for ESP. Nowhere, does it specify if PS fluid should be used on all models or models equiped w/o rear auto leveling. Note that the manual is for models 320, 420 and 500, where the 500 is the only model of those three that had rear level ride as standard equipment (I think).

Anyone have the correct answer?

I appreciate everyone's replies!!
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