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Thanks everyone...well here is what happened. I checked the level and it looked to be low. So I bought some fluid and a funnel and started adding a little, but just like Steve said, the level is a pain to read. So I called that shop and they told me to come over and he'd take it for a drive. So by this time, I probably added less than 1/4 of a quart of ATF. First he checked the fluid, and he said it was a little low, but not low enough to be causing problems like I had described. Then he drove it and it was doing the same things. He definitely said it was late upshifting and thought it might have even been skipping a gear. While he drove it, he manually shifted up and down a few times. It shifted fine when he did it manually. So then on the way back to his shop, it started shifting fine again in D. While we were there, we topped it off and I left. Altogether I added maybe half a quart if that. But for now it's shifting fine, I just hope it continues shifting ok!! He mentioned that maybe a valve inside the tranny could have been stuck or been hanging or something, and the manual shifting got it loose. This sound reasonable??

Well for now the car is doin ok. I'll see if it keeps it up. I'll keep you guys updated if it starts acting up again. Thanks!
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