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Best price is probably here at Fastlane or Rusty at, but it ain't gonna be cheap anywhere.

For tools you need an 8mm allen and a 4mm allen, or a piece of 1/8" wire. The 8mm is for the bolt that holds the fan on, the 4mm is for the slot in the bearing bracket that allows you to hold the clutch so you can unscrew and tighten the bolt.

Later models may not have the slot, in which case you need to make a tool like one shown here on the forum recently to hold the pulley (two small bolts through a steel flat bar with rubber hose on them to hold the rim).

Otherwise, very easy. Remove the nut on the spring tensioner bracket, insert a long exension in the hole in the bracket, push down to releive the pressure on the bolt, and push it back. Let the spring down to relieve the tension on the belt.

Pull the clips or remove the rear section of the fan shroud and lay the shroud back. Get the allen wrench in the bolt and get the clutch held one way other the other, then loosen bolt. You will probably need a short piece of pipe for this (or the fancy tool, which is nothing more than an 8mm allen in a flat bar). Once you have the bolt far enough out, turn it with your fingers and remove clutch. Fan will need to be removed from the old clutch and installed on tehnew one, three allen head bolts, don't remember the size (4mm?).

Very easy. Replace the belt while you are in there if it has any miles on it, and the tensioner shock if it knocks.

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