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Smile J-Hidalgo and Psfred ....

Thanks PSfred, That's exactly what it's doing. Although I can't see a weep hole, I was guessing that one was there somewhere. Lucky I caught it in time. It was a slow leak and now as I add water to the coolant tank, you can see the drip begin underneath the car. Timing was good on this. It could have been a real mess.

J-Hildago: are you saying that the water pump could be my problem with the oil in the coolant?

I was'nt aware that a "coolant to oil" leak was possilbe from the water pump. I thought that the head gasket was the major culprit for this. I ran a search and am looking at a exploded diagram of the waterpump and the way it mounts to the block and could'nt imagine that that would be possible but that would certainly be a nice surprise if it was just the pump.

Do you (or anyone else) have info / experience on whether the water pump could cause this. I can't see that it would have a connection but I'm just not familiar enough with "this setup".

Thanks to everyone for all of the help. I've got my hoist ready to make things easier for the removal of the head/intake/exhaust as 1 unit, and figure that since I'm in no rush, I'll disassemble everything 1st, make a list of everything I want to replace, then place an order with fastlane and start the project.

(It would be great not to have to do the head gasket so If the W.P. could be my culprit, please "set me straight".

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